The infrastructure of Hof ter Musschen is built around a tiled inner courtyard typical of a courtyard farm. You have a choice of eight rooms with a total area of 750 m² where you can receive up to 300 guests.

A board meeting, a reception for a broad public, a lecture, a training day, a product launch or an event for your personnel.

Hof ter Musschen meets all your needs!

Hof ter Musschen285 m²
Lounge Bar80 m²
Luscinia69 m²
Serinus107 m²
Fringilla75 m²
Megulus46 m²
Hirunda37 m²
Rubetra35 m²
Merula15 m²

Seminars well looked after and prepared to the smallest detail
Our trained staff leaves nothing to chance. Thanks to our attention to detail, the participants won’t lack anything. Therefore, you can hold your seminar in all tranquility without bothering the organization.